To get a loyalty reward all you need to do is purchase a product that has a monthly subscription from any of our sellers and follow the directions when purchasing. As long as you continue to be a loyal customer you will own your loyalty reward and all revenue that it generates.

Sign up for a free account and follow the directions at the bottom of the "How Does It Work For Business" page in your back office.

Yes you can and in some cases it is actually required. Only one loyalty reward can be assigned to an ID number so if you buy more than one product or a product with more than one loyalty reward you need to sign up again using the same information that you use the first time and add an number to the end of your username.  For example,  username, username2, username3, etc. You will need to have those ready before you purchase so you can give them to the seller.

Yes that is not a problem. However signing up under a another member of your household and then purchasing products under the lower ID in order to get the sponsor bonus constitutes stacking and is illegal. The first person must make a purchase before the other member in their household can make a purchase under them to avoid this situation.